Instrument rent

For the music student we can offer three possibilities for the procurement of a wind instrument:

1. rental instrument
We have a limited number of used instruments in perfect condition. These can be made available to the student on loan for 1 -12 months for a rental fee. The rental instruments are not for sale. When buying a new instrument at a later date, the first 6 months’ rents are credited in full and the remaining 6 months are credited in equal parts. The buyer is free to choose the brand.

2. rental-purchase instruments
You have the possibility to rent a new instrument of your choice for up to 6 months. The monthly rent is based on the value of the instrument according to the price lists and is fully deducted from the purchase price. After payment of the balance (3% discount for payment within 10 days), the instrument becomes the property of the renter. If the instrument has to be abandonned during the rental period, the rental purchase agreement expires when the instrument is returned.

If the renter is not yet in a position to decide on the purchase or return of the instrument after 6 months, it is possible to extend the contract by a maximum of 6 months. The rent is again fully credited.

From the 13th month onwards, only half of the rent paid will be deducted from the purchase price. From the 25th month no rent will be deducted from the purchase price.

3. cash purchase with right of return
You buy the desired instrument or one recommended by your music teacher. With payment within 10 days  the buyer profits from the interesting discount. If the customer has to give up the game, the seller undertakes to take back the instrument during the first 12 months. In this case, the invoice amount will be refunded, less the usage rent, as in the case of hire-purchase. The right of return is guaranteed.

In case of loss of the instrument due to theft, accident or the like, the renter is liable the sales value of the instrument stated in the delivery note/contract.


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