Trumpets made to measure

Musicians from all over Europe come to the small castle village near Bern to have their instruments selected and made according to their individual wishes.

The trumpet makers of SPADA are specialized in the conversion and refinement of quality trumpets of well-known brands in all common pitches. The following objectives are being pursued:.

  • perfect intonation
  • easy response
  • Diversity of sound effects without competing vibrations between leadpipe and bell (interferer) The trumpets with tuning bell from SPADA are characterized by excellent sound and intonation characteristics.

The special thing about the tuning bell trumpet is the tuning between valve block and bell. The first section of the trumpet tube, which is particularly important for intonation, timbre and response, remains smooth and without major interruptions.

On brass instruments, the notes “d”, “es” and “u e” tend to be low. The further you pull out the tuning slide, the deeper these notes become.

In addition, the response o this system is considerably improved, intonation deviations are reduced, the instrument can be tuned more sensitively and different sound spectra can be generated.

The many subtleties that distinguish SPADA’s Tuning Bell trumpets cannot be seen by the naked eye. Musicians therefore prefer to put their instruments through their paces in the rooms of SPADA Music AG in Burgdorf, to get competent advice from a specialist and then make the right choice.

It is no coincidence that tuning bell trumpets by SPADA set the standard for musicians of all styles far beyond national borders.